Rumor has it

There are some people speculating that Seattle Mayor Nickels is going to quietly walk away from the gun ban on city property he has been talking about for the last year:

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels might be having second thoughts about moving forward with his controversial “dangerous weapons” ban. The executive order would effectively prohibit the possession of firearms on most city-owned properties. The ban has naturally drawn the criticism of Second Amendment rights groups and also Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has stated that it violates state preemption statutes.

In March, we wrote that the Mayor’s office was still planning on following through with the ban, with it taking effect “sometime in May”.

“They have a dead-bang loser in court and they know we were going to sue,” Gottlieb challenged. “The Mayor talks a good game but he hasn’t put his cards on the table yet.”

Although puzzled by the inaction, Gottlieb theorized that the Mayor could be seeking a middle ground out of the situtation.

“I have a feeling we won’t see this executive order,” Gottlieb predicted.

Nickels is going to do some public speaking to a group that I am a part of in the near future. If I get the chance I’m going to ask him about it.