8 thoughts on “The girls’ grades

  1. Yeah, I know. But those don’t count toward your GPA.

    And since neither of you got any “fails” on the P/F classes we are still very, very proud.

  2. Is the “B” one of those problems that can be fixed with a liberal application of explosive material? If not, would it at least get it bumped up to an A-?

  3. No offense, but you are definitely missing a needed apostrophe after the word “girls” in the post title.

    Not trying to be a noodge. But the rules are the rules.

    I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it if this hadn’t been a post about academic success.

  4. Thanks. Fixed it.

    English was always my worst subject in school.

  5. The B was due to a professor for whom English was their second language and no one could figure out a word she was saying.

    It isn’t something I would recommend applying explosives to.

  6. Just curious, what are the majors of the Huffman-Scotts’ younglings?

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