In another alternate reality situation…

One of the people participating at Boomershoot this year was a U.K. citizen. Via Facebook I found out the following:

I Got a call from the cops at 2300 last night, suggesting that I haven’t been shooting my guns enough.

It was the UK police on the phone, calling my US cel number. I have a UK firearms certificate – one of the requirements to keep my UK firearms certificate is that I must shoot every 12 months, and my UK rifle club just reported that I hadn’t done so… I told them that I’ve definitely shot in the past 12 months, so now I need to send them proof. This is, actually, the least surreal part of this experience.

So… in the land where handguns are banned and long guns are severely restricted the cops will call you and threaten to take away your firearms certificate if you haven’t been shooting enough.

Since I knew he had been shooting three inch square boxes filled with explosives dangling from paracord nearly 700 yards away just a three weeks ago I offered to confirm his story. He said if he needed my help he would let me know.


3 thoughts on “In another alternate reality situation…

  1. I supposed that sending them a box of spent brass would be an unproductive way to handle the situation.

  2. I suppose sending them a dvd of the event and a big box of “Depends” is out of the question????

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