Allegedly Suspected Victim or Alleged Victim Suspected?

I heard a local news report on the radio today.  It seems a couple of innocent young men were minding their own business, you know, urinating on someone’s car, when the man in the car stepped out and set about beating the two “urinators” with a golf club.

Nothing out of the ordinary for a college town, except that the report referred to the car owner as the “suspect” and the urinators as the “victims”.

Oh yeah– nothing out of the ordinary there either.

How does that saying go; “While I don’t condone the action [of beating them with a golf club] I can certainly understand it”?

Tip: If you don’t actually want to have yourself beaten with a golf club, it would be a good idea to refrain from urinating on other people’s possessions.  Just sayin’.


6 thoughts on “Allegedly Suspected Victim or Alleged Victim Suspected?

  1. I forwarded the new post to my mom when I saw it at work. Joe, I’m dead serious when I say this… I told my mom, “While I may not agree with the use of the golf club, I certainly don’t blame him.” From the time of the post, we were thinking that about 5 minutes apart.

    What’s that other saying… “Great minds think alike.”?

  2. I fully condone the use of at least a golf club. Right (correct) minded people, need to keep doing what’s right. Reverse-victimization will end someday when we all have had a gut full (and I see that day as sooner rather than later). We must get back to where people are held responsible for their actions and not made out to be poor little victims. I hope the cops put the two drunk sob’s in jail after they took a beating. But what I guess happened was the guy with the pissed on car and bent up golf club got put in the sin bin while the drunks were coddled and given an ambulance chaser’s business card. This kind of crap has to stop. Those two guys needed a good beating. If they would have caught a beating or two when they were kids they wouldn’t be jerks now. The only problem I have with the good guy here is that he probably bent up a good 5 iron. Should have grabbed the tire iron instead.

  3. I think a couple dicks in the dirt after being machette wacked and leave them pissing in their hand then drive away. Even if caught the cell time might be worth it.

  4. From a victimization aspect, public urination here in PA gets you added to the sex offender registry (indecent exposure.)

    So, being that these two had exposed themselves to the vehicle driver, he could claim that they were sexual predators, and attacking him by exposing themselves.

    Now, had it been me, I’d have come out of the car with a gun, and had them take turns kneeling and peeing on each other’s faces. While I filmed it. Then they they would each state their names, schools, etc. Then they would strip starkers, and rip their clothes to shreds, and then set on fire. (all on film.) Then they would kiss and clean each other up. On film.

    By the time the police arrived, it’d be on youtube.

    I live and work in a college town. This buffoonery happens way too often. More than once a young “prankster” has been shied away from my property with his pecker in his hands, and one young adult even managed to #1 and #2 while being held facedown in the back yard by Mr. Mossberg and his 12 ga. frangible friends. Seems he was trying to redistribute my grill. Had to apologize to the cops about the dog poop. I forgot he was laying in it for the 20 minutes it took for them to arrive. Didn’t apologize to them about the young man’s own poop. They laughed, saying it was unfortunate that he’d have to stay that way until arraignment.

    Glad we’re moving in a couple months.

  5. Easy now. There are crimes far worse than car-peeing, and there is a line between justice and sadism.

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