Career change time?

A fellow gun blogger who said it wasn’t that good a match to his blog sent me this link.

Fortunetelling has always been an inseparable part of the history of mankind. People always wanted to look in their own future and unravel the mystery of the human character. Fortune-tellers use a variety of things for their activities: cards, dice, coins, wax, salt and many other tools.

Sternomancy is a divination practice which involves the reading of markings on the area of the human body from the breast to the belly. This way of fortunetelling can be used to unveil the character of a woman by reading the shape of her breasts. Sternomancy was used in fortunetelling in the 18th century in Spain. Nowadays, sexologists say that the bosom of a woman identifies her character even more than Zodiac signs do.

People usually compare the shape of women’s breasts with fruit, berries and even vegetables.

As I read the opening paragraphs I considered a career change. Fortune telling by examination of women’s breast and nipples? If there’s money to be made then sign me up! But as I read further I discovered there wasn’t any advocacy of physical contact with the subject matter. If it’s only looking then I don’t see it as that big of a gain over the free porn available on the ‘net. And besides I have a suspicion that Barb would frown on my new career choice. I once considered becoming a lawyer and she said she would divorce me if I sank that low. Although I’m pretty sure fortune telling via the examination of women’s breast wouldn’t be ranked as low as being a lawyer I’m pretty sure I’d have to suffer through some icy stares every once in a while.


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  1. “This way of fortunetelling can be used to unveil the character of a woman by reading the shape of her breasts.”

    More research must be done as to whether this is a reliable method of determining the character of a woman. I’ll let you know my findings.

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