4 thoughts on “I want to do that!

  1. Now THATS a reactive target.

    I don’t think much of the range of the shooter from the target.

    Oh, and put a snowman on the roof… B-)

  2. Did you see how many people were watching?

    The range was dictated by getting enough muzzle blast to ignite the LP gas. There’s a thread on arfcom about the setup and how they pulled it off.

  3. Umm, Did you guys know that people pay to have old houses demolished? They pay thousands to hire a company to destroy that old crappy house on that beautiful property they just bought. I bet they would love to cover the cost of materials, beings it would be 60% off the normal bill, to let you take care of the job Your Way. It could work 😉
    Cleanup would be a BITCH!

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