We are winning

I got a call tonight from Barb’s sister who lives in California. I had talked to her and her husband about guns in years past and while not really opposed to them they wouldn’t want one in their house.

Barb had talked to her last weekend and I knew she were planning to join the NRA just to annoy her liberal friends and neighbors. I also knew their daughter who is in college in Missouri wants to get a gun so she can defend herself. I didn’t know that Barb’s sister and her husband are planning to take up shooting as a hobby. She asked me about ranges and do they rent? And she wanted a recommendation for a gun to start out with. I told her a .22 to lessen the chances of picking up bad habits and reduce the cost.

I also sent her a link to the NRA yard signs so they can tweak the neighbors without even flashing their membership cards.

I need to get them up here for Boomershoot next spring. That will give them some goals.


4 thoughts on “We are winning

  1. Rather then a .22 you might suggest that she consider staring with a .38 rather then a .22. Reason is that she can shoot wadcutters – which aren’t really much more then .22 recoil-wise. Then after she learns the gun she just moves up to stronger amo and doesn’t have to buy another gun. Also she can probably find a used .38 Smith for about what she wil pay for a .22.

  2. If they’re in the SF Bay Area my wife and I’d be happy to take them shooting at the Livermore range. We’ve got plenty of different types of .22s (and .38s/9mms) they could try.

  3. They should consider something like a Ruger Single Six .22, not only because it’s a .22, but because it teaches you to make the first shot count, rather than relying on a magazine full of ammo and a rapid rate of fire. It’s also extremely simple to run, being a single action revolver. Of course, the Single Six is also great fun to shoot. I’d build some proficiency with that first, then move on to try semi-autos and/or larger calibers. First, though, get solid basics established.

    How about inviting them to GBR-III for range day?

    ….. Mr. C.

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