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As I reported earlier I had a dead battery in the Crimson Trace Lasergrips. As Rob pointed out the case is tight enough that if the master switch was left on the grip switch would be activated when the gun was cased.

I installed the new battery and the laser came to life but wasn’t right. It was just like it was when I tried to use it at Summer Camp. It appeared to be hitting the pin for the slide lock and what light hit the target was a blob instead of a laser beam. Further testing indicated the laser lens was either dirty or possibly defective. I tried using an ordinary cotton swab with alcohol but I couldn’t detect any improvement after repeated cleanings.

Say Uncle sent me an email saying he had similar problems with his laser and when he used the swab supplied with the grips rather than ordinary cotton swab it cleaned up and worked correctly. The cotton swab is just too large to deep down to the laser lens. I was able to confirm his results. My laser now works as expected.

I practiced drawing and dry firing with the laser probably a 100 times. I discovered that frequently I don’t have a solid grip on the gun with the middle finger on my strong hand. It isn’t gripping the gun strong enough to turn on the laser. It turns out sometimes my weak hand will push it forward as I wrap my weak hand around my strong hand during the process of gripping the gun. I’m going to modify the process some so I get a better and more consistent grip.

I also used the draw and dry fire exercise to observe the movement of the gun as I put the sights on target and pulled the trigger. One observations instructors in the past had made that I was not pushing straight out to the target but instead was pointed the gun above the target then bringing it down. It appears I have fixed that error in my draw stroke.

These laser grips are proving to be useful even before I have fired a single shot with them.


One thought on “Laser on Gun Blog 45

  1. Not to toot my own horn, but if you watch my video of my first outing, the laser jumps around like a Jack Russell Terrier on crack while I’m getting ready, but the instant I “push” the gun forward to the target, it settles down and just sits in the middle of the target.

    This was the first time I’ve hit the range since Blackwater. My ability to shoot accurately has increased so dramatically from just ONE weekend of training that I am now looking for other training courses that can help.

    Of course, I’ve got that bug where the safety does not stop the trigger from moving, and I can see the little nib that’s supposed to stop it but doesn’t – I have a lovely bruise on the side of my thumb where the hammer, which I thought was only for show, decided to go ahead and strike with a surprising amount of force 😉 If the safety catches that nib, the trigger won’t travel, but it doesn’t appear to do so when the slide is on.

    I still cannot say enough about this pistol as far as a target pistol goes. It is friggin’ accurate, comfortable in my hands, and dammit, I have a bad feeling it’s going to turn me into a 1911 guy.

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