Personality test

This wasn’t some cheesy Internet quiz of some sort. This was something that my company paid big dollars for and followed up with a nearly full day of “training” to explain the results to us. Everyone in our organization had to participate. Mandatory training they said. Okay, whatever.

I was surprised. They really nailed a bunch of things for me. View the results for yourself here.

During the training they gave us these four little soft plastic blocks that looked very much like Lego’s. They were a training tool and as the training started people were sort of playing with them as the instructor talked. Then someone had the blocks fly apart and scatter across one of the tables. “A block explosion!”, the instructor announced. Her assistant went to the white board and recorded the explosion. Someone asked, “What does it mean?” The instructor said they didn’t know for certain but they keep track of them to see if we can figure something out. There were no more block explosions all day.

The one person to have a block explosion was also the only person in the room with a ATF license to manufacture high explosives. You should have heard the people in my group laugh when instructor called it a block explosion. No one else in the room understood the significance like they did.


3 thoughts on “Personality test

  1. So Joe, I’m going to make a wild assumption that you skewed heavilty into the “blue” quadrant on this? I was about half blue and half red when I did it.

  2. Sooooo… Meyer Briggs makes another lap with a Jungian stamp of approval?

    I really scratch my head when I try to understand these modern day soothsayers. Yeah, label me a skeptic.


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