T.V. show reviews

I don’t have a T.V. in my Seattle area bunker so the only shows I watch are DVD sci-fi stuff with James (we just started the third season of Farscape).

With Barb I watch DVDs/on-line stuff like:

  • Bones She is extremely smart, likes guns, and is hyper-rational–where was Temperance when I was a freshman in college and looking for a mate?
  • Columbo He’s like a puppy dog wagging his tail and digging holes in the yard–but what the murders don’t know is that he’s placing land mines (from the episode “How to Dial a Murder”).
  • Medium Just accept the premise and enjoy the show.

Barb and I might have to add Swingtown to our list of things to watch while in bed (together).

The following review came to me from someone who picked it up from a email list they subscribe to. This was in response to a comment where someone said they had never been to a party that they didn’t know what was going on before they arrived.

I thought it did a pretty fair job of portraying reality without being hostile to swingers. The biggest thing I noticed was that, as with nearly all Hollywood, the time scale was sped up dramatically. From the time a newbie couple was told by people they had just met they were swingers until they decided to participate there would be a lot more time and talking involved rather than just a few glances and walking off to the back bedroom with the experienced couple.

I do know of a case where a couple had monthly parties and the next door neighbors asked why they were never invited. The hosting couple told them to just show up next time–without telling them the nature of the party. The neighbors did show up, figured things out after a half hour or so and left–never to ask about attending again. So, I know it does happen.

The bottom line is I think the writers know a lot about swinging. I think they either have been involved or did a lot of research with people who are or have been involved. I think in order to make the show interesting they will, of necessity, have to introduce stress of some sort into the characters and situations. In the pilot they introduced characters who will enable them to do that. The reality of swinging is not the utopia we would like it to be (neither is monogamy or anything else). The writers of the show will have to exaggerate reality some and create conflicts to make things interesting. I believe it’s possible they can do this without making swingers out to be immoral perverts and I think they have made a good first step toward that goal. I’m looking forward to the next episode.