Quote of the day–Milton Friedman

Columbus did not seek a new route to the Indies in response to a majority directive.

Milton Friedman
[Translating to present day for the weak-minded (Clinton and Obama supporters–I’m talking to you) the same applies to low cost medical care, housing, oil, and gasoline. Columbus wanted to get rich by finding a shorter shipping route for spices and other goods. People seek to make goods and services available at a lower cost because they want to make money for themselves. The allure of “getting rich” is a great motivator and “majority directives” by government take the incentive away from the real goal–providing goods and services at a better value than others. Government directives and incentives motivate the creators of goods and services to please the government not the consumers. This leads to corruption in government, high taxes, and goods and services of lesser quality and greater cost than if the free market were allowed to work.–Joe]