Face reading

This study raises more questions than it give answers. I’m not disputing the results. In fact I have reason to believe it is accurate. But what could possibly be the clues that reveals such details about sexual intent?

Looking for love or lust? Your face gives it away Facial features tell if someone wants commitment or casual sex, study says

It’s no use being coy. If you’re looking for a fling, it might just be written all over your face.

A new study by U.K. researchers found that you can tell just by looking at someone’s face whether they’re interested in casual sex or long-term commitment. And, not surprisingly, women tend to be more attracted to the guys who look like true boyfriend material, while men are drawn to faces that seem to say “one-night stand,” found the study, published Tuesday in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

In a similar vein two different lesbian friends of mine claimed they have excellent “Gaydar”. Some simple tests indicate that in fact they were able to determine sexual orientation with very little contact with the people in question. This including their laughing at me when asked if I was gay. Apparently I am so blatantly heterosexual that I couldn’t fool anyone even if I wanted to.

Other experiences of mine, which would take too much time to explain, resulted in similar results.