The restaurant loophole

It made me smile:

Consumption of alcohol is a threat that costs hundreds of innocent lives every year in Virginia, many of them children. We must stop giving in to the alcohol lobby and enact reasonable restrictions on the sale of alcohol for outside the home consumption! As you are no doubt aware, Virginia does not have “bars” in the traditional sense of the word. They have restaurants that are also licensed to serve alcohol. Although, there are establishments which are truly “bars” that are very thinly disguised as restaurants. This circumvention of the law is known as the deadly “restaurant loophole.”

There’s more too.


One thought on “The restaurant loophole

  1. These comparisons are very worthwhile for making a point, yet we should we also remember that deprivation of alcoholic beverages, in and of itself, has probably never endangered anyone. Deprivation of arms can, in and of itself endanger the deprived.

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