If they want to screw you they can and will

This is just one example of ATF abuse.

Not by the ATF, but I’ve been screwed both with and without malice. The bottom line is that you can’t completely defend against it, you can only lower your risk. Just don’t think you are immune or that the system is fair or justice will be served.


One thought on “If they want to screw you they can and will

  1. “Slam fire” is mentioned in the literature supplied with Springfield’s M1A as something to look out for. I’m sure it’s mentioned in other manuals and factory publications. The point is; this is a known malfunction, rare as it may be.

    CCI, and others who make primers, sell a harder, less sensitive primer intended for use in semi-autos that have no firing pin spring. The AR-15 and most AKs, along with the M1A and others, are built with no firing pin spring. Chamber a round with a full stroke of the carrier in any of these firearms, then remove it without firing, and you usually will see a small dent in the primer from firing pin inertia upon chambering.

    Any half-wit “firearms expert” would know this. They would also be aware of the possibility of excessive wear or other malfunction causing a “double” due to hammer-follow or slam fire.

    My 1851 Colt black powder, repro cap and ball revolver comes with multiple warnings and instructions on how to avoid what is known as “chain fire”. A pepper box revolver could easily fire a whole cylinder that way, and in fact I’ve seen it done on television. With a standard revolver, you get one ball down the barrel and the others are fragmented against the edges of the barrel or frame.

    That any of these malfunctions would make someone a criminal is beyond insane. Clearly, some people are too bored and are looking for something to do to entertain themselves. That in itself would suggest that they are not needed, the Second Amendment notwithstanding.

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