Poor role model delivers acceptable result

As a NRA Personal Protection Instructor I would strongly advise against using this store clerk as a role model. The robber appears to be leaving without harming anyone when she shoots him. This is generally illegal and I agree with this law. What I think happened was, as Joe D. suggested in email to the LPC email discussion list, it was an accidental discharge.

But on an strictly individual level I don’t have much sympathy for robbers, especially armed robbers. So, the bottom line is Barb and I laughed pretty hard at this guy getting “circumcised by a .38”:


3 thoughts on “Poor role model delivers acceptable result

  1. The world is a wonderful place, so many varied opinions.

    I disagree with the “he’s leaving without harming anyone after robbing them at gunpoint” so he shouldn’t be shot philosophy. If he didn’t want to be shot he should have made other life choices.

  2. I fully agree with the observation that he should have made other life choices if he wanted to avoid being shot. Had he been shot when he was threatening the clerk I would declare it a praiseworthy shooting (and even praiseworthy homicide had he died).

    But… Shooting someone is an act that has a high probability of resulting in the death of the person being shot. Unless you are of the opinion that armed robbery should be punished by death in a high percentages of the cases then justice is not served by the law looking kindly upon individuals shooting robbers who are leaving the scene without endangering anyone.

    I don’t think execution of armed robbers is not in the best interests of society. If the punishment for armed robbery is no different from that of murder then the armed robber, if they are immoral enough and smart enough, is going to murder every time they rob because there is no incentive for them leave peacefully.

    Shooting a robber in the act of threatening his victim is justified/praiseworthy because it is in defense of innocent life.

  3. I agree– it sure looked like a UID. She seemed as surprised by it as the robber, which would make the hit a very “lucky” one– clearly not aimed fire. That woman needs some range time with a good instructor.

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