9 thoughts on “A couch Xenia might want

  1. Vulva, dammit, not vagina! Sorry, my inner autie can’t let that one go by.

    I do wish we could use the perfectly good English word for the part.

  2. Presuming you are buying it or have bought it, if Xenia doesn’t mind waiting until late April (and the owner doesn’t mind storing it ’till then) I’d be happy to pick it up in Mendocino on my way to Boomershoot and drive it to Idaho. I think it would fit neatly in my Toyota pickup bed under the bed shell.

    Otherwise, I’m guessing shipping costs will be exorbitant.

  3. Thanks for the offer, David, but as my dad said, I have no money from the “I’m a poor college student” syndrome. Maybe someday I’ll make my own…

  4. Ah yes, I’m quite familiar with this malady. My daughter has suffered from the same syndrome for several years now.

  5. I could design a custom upholstery cleaner for the chair, but then in so stating I’ve just given away the idea.

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