Plugging their ears and shouting LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

Uncle sent me a link to this story:

Preventing gun crimes will be the focus of a summit Monday that is expected to draw dozens of police officers and civic leaders from around the state to Seattle.

Mayor Greg Nickels, along with Harborview Medical Center’s Injury and Research Prevention Center, is hosting the conference in an effort to draw up better strategies to reduce violent crime and stop criminals from obtaining firearms.

It’s expected to draw about 150 people, including police, prosecutors, church leaders and school officials. During the one-day conference at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, they’ll hear from experts who will share how efforts elsewhere have worked.

The thought crossed my mind that it would be interesting to attend but there wasn’t information on how to sign up. But after reading the next paragraph I realized it wouldn’t be good for my blood pressure (links added by me): 

The Joyce Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit that advocates for more restrictive gun-control laws, provided grant money to pay for the conference.

Other speakers include: Garen Wintemute, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of California-Davis; Police Chief Scott Knight of Chaska, Minn., who is chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police firearms committee; and Nina Vinik, legal director for the Legal Community Against Violence.

Still, it might be interesting to attend for a little while. But then I read the comments to the article and discovered all I needed to know:

Posted by Dave Workman at 11/28/07 7:33 a.m.

I was advised that my name came up early in this discussion, so it seems only right to clarify some things for TerryP (thank you for your kind remarks) and others.

Gun rights advocates were deliberately not invited to this event, which is “Invitation Only.”

I certainly was not invited to participate. But there is more to this: I’m a member of the working press, senior editor of ‘GUN WEEK’ a national-circulation firearms newspaper and it is rather disappointing that Gun Week was not invited to cover this event for its readers.

Mark Taff, executive director of the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, had been extended an invitation by a local state senator, but that invitation was apparently nixed by someone in the Mayor’s office.

They have no interest in hearing anything other than their predetermined agenda. This isn’t a “conference”, it’s a conspiracy against rights and they should be arrested and be given a fair trial.


5 thoughts on “Plugging their ears and shouting LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

  1. What have been some of the charges leveled at us from the Left?

    We’re closed minded.

    Not willing to listen to opposing viewpoints.

    They say they have been disenfranchised.

    That everyone has a right to “be heard”.

    That “Reasoned Discourse” is vastly superior to only hearing what you want to hear.

    That we’re funded by Big Money Interests and not representative of regular citizens, yap yap yap.

    (Though they’re never so articulate– it’s mostly innuendo).

    Notice too how public education and medicine are becoming de facto branches of government.

  2. As it has been stated, they’re an incestuous bunch. All groups funded by the Joyces. They need they’re love fest echo chambers to make themselves feel better about their cause. When asked the tough questions and pointed to facts, they have been shown to commit “reasoned discourse” and lock out any competing voice.

  3. they should be arrested and be given a fair trial.

    After which they’re hanged, right?

  4. Assuming they were convicted that would be determined in the sentencing phase of the trial. And the death penalty is only for given out for cases where there was loss of life or perhaps rape of the victims denied their civil rights. I suppose a case could be made for that but I think it would be unlikely to “stick”.

    But then you were just trying to be a troll anyway, right?

  5. A conspiracy against right, and just as suspicious as that famous Mafia meeting at a rural farmhouse where every Mafioso leaving said he had come “to visit a sick friend.”

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