Wireless, remote control cannon hit simulator

If you are into the battle reenactment scene Ozark Pyrotechnics, Inc. now has wireless Cannon Hit Simulation kits for sale.

This might be the way to realize one of my Boomershoot fantasies. That is where I mock the people unable to connect with targets using their rifles by pulling my iron sighted pistol from it’s holster and while standing popping off targets at 375 yards away.

4 thoughts on “Wireless, remote control cannon hit simulator

  1. I sent an email asking about the range of the devices and unfortunately they only work out to about 100 feet. I could still make the concept work with someone down range behind the berm with a walkie-talkie but if I’m going to do that I might as well use wires.

    There are other ways I could do it as well but it takes time to set it up and time is always in short supply on Boomershoot weekend.

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