No new ghettos

Over the years I’ve had numerous queries about bringing a rifle to Boomershoot that shoots the .50 BMG cartridge. I’ve always told them it wasn’t a problem but they had to set up some distance from “normal people” so they wouldn’t hurt their neighbors with the muzzle blast. I put these shooters off to one end and it quickly got named “The Ghetto”. After I started running out of shooting spaces I explicitly set aside positions with extra wide spacing for the .50 caliber shooters and I called the area by the name given to it by shooters years before, the “.50 Cal Ghetto”:

Shooting areas.

Now via Tam I find there are “affordable” guns that shoot the manly 20mm cartridge. See the bottom of this page for a picture of the 20mm compared to the wimpy .50 BMG cartridge.

I haven’t had any requests to bring 20mm rifles to Boomershoot but they are welcome to come. They will be thrown into the same ghetto as the .50 cal guys who will have to just suck it up when they get embarrassed by the size of their tools compared to the newcomers.


One thought on “No new ghettos

  1. [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]

    I want 10 grand I can use on a firearm. I think I could make my SOCOM just about godlike with half of that, and still have room for one hell of a secondary toy ;).

    That said, if I ever had cause to copmletely annihilate a car…

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