One thought on “They started squirming

  1. Heh: “…teaching schoolchildren to put handguns in their mouths…”

    As if one kid will be unable to tell the difference between an actual handgun and a cookie. Just how retarded to they believe our kids to be? Is this another case of projection?

    What about animal crackers? I suppose then that giving a kid animal crackers is “teaching schoolchildren to put animals in their mouths” (not to mention the racist overtones). By that standard, those heart-shaped Valentine‚Äôs Day cookies, and the gingerbread men, are promoting cannibalism!

    Oh my gaaawwwddd! Call in the men in white suits! We’re all gonna go nuts and start killing one another because of the shape of some damned cookies, and we need to be locked up before we hurt ourselves! Spooky, spooky, scaaarrry food! Maybe we’re teaching Satan worship by handing out Halloween cookies shaped like witches and ghosts, too.

    It is pretty entertaining to see the barking moonbat, loony hysteria on the Left. Let’s keep doing this until they pass out from hyperventilation.

    How about a series of educational, cartridge-shaped cookies, or croutons? Learn your caliber designations while having a well-balanced, institutional meal.

    “That’s right, Suzy, good for you! THAT, kids, is the 30-06! That stands for caliber 30, model of 1906. And what is the nominal muzzle velocity of the 30-06? Anyone? That’s right, Johnny, its 2700 to 2800 feet per second. Can anyone in the class tell us what that would be in meters per second?”

    Maybe we could persuade the writers of Sesame Street to get Cookie Monster into the act, with Ted Nuget making a guest appearance. I’d pay (I’m sorry – “pledge”) to see that.

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