Boomershoot surveys still coming in

They just keep coming in. I got one last week and another came in yesterday. The one yesterday had an interesting comment.

Please elaborate extensively on any Boomershoot topic. What would you like changed? What was best about Boomershoot 2006? What was the worst about Boomershoot 2006?

A: women in bikinis is a must have.

You realize that women that attend Boomershoot also shoot guns, right? They shoot seven inch square targets at 700 yards. I don’t tell them how they must dress and I suggest no one else does either. The extent of my sympathy for someone so stupid as to push the issue will be to nominate them for a Darwin Award if something were to “go horribly wrong”.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot surveys still coming in

  1. I want to attend Boomershoot 2008 but don’t have a rifle capable of shooting at that distance. Could someone please recommend a rifle and calibre that an experienced shooter could use. I was thinking 25-06 or similar high velocity rifle but wouldn’t the lighter round play hell on even a breezy day?
    Thanks in advance,
    The Ace Man

  2. There are people using 25-06’s. Probably most common in .308 but those sometimes run out of steam at the most distant targets. .300 Win Mag will reach out and touch any of them but is a bit expensive to shoot. Some people use .223 (AR-15’s) at the closer targets and switch to the bigger guns for the more distant targets.

    You could also subscribe to the Boomershoot discussion list and ask experienced Boomershooters for their recommendations:

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