A cure for the urge to smoke

There is one very well known guaranteed cure for smoking–death. However another one has just been discovered–brain injury:

Scientists studying stroke patients are reporting that an injury to a specific part of the brain, near the ear, can instantly and permanently break a smoking habit, effectively erasing the most stubborn of addictions. People with the injury who stopped smoking found that their bodies, as one man put it, “forgot the urge to smoke.”

This is great news. We may be able to find or create a drug or other means to “flip the switch” and help people from implementing the “universal cure”.

I find this very ironic–I always figured you must have had a dysfunctional brain to start smoking in the first place.


1 thought on “A cure for the urge to smoke

  1. Maybe that would work for other phobias and addictions as well. Maybe these conditions are ALL systemically based, rather than psychological. Perhaps all Ted Kennedy or Chuck Shumer need are a swift whack upside the head with a 2×4 so they’ll “forget the urge to ban guns.” — Many of us have been saying that all along; perhaps there’s a medical basis for it.

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