Bomb making materials

After the July 7, 2005 bombing in London there was a second wave of bombing on July 21. A bit off topic but a reminder of who we are dealing with; Islam prohibits the killing of innocent in war but the extremist Muslims have declared there are no innocents in Israel and there were no innocents in the World Trade Center. Apparently, according to these animals, there were none in the London Tubes either:

One of the men, Ramzi Mohammed, even turned his homemade device to face a mother and child as he detonated it on a subway train, the prosecutor said.

However, my main point is the information about how they built the bombs. From the same article we find:

The bombs didn’t cause widespread death and destruction because they didn’t contain a high enough concentration of peroxide to explode properly, Sweeney said.

Sweeney told a jury of nine women and three men that the defendants had constructed the explosives out of hydrogen peroxide, chapatti flour and detonators in a “bomb factory” in a north London apartment. Each device was designed to carry a main charge of as much as 6 kilograms (13 pounds), sealed in a 6.2- liter plastic tub and encased in screws and nuts to “maximize the possibility of injury,” he said.

Hydrogen peroxide is easy to buy (and make) and if someone doesn’t know how to find or (make flour) then they probably are so stupid they need to be reminded to drop their pants before defecating. Hence if people can make bombs out of these common materials then we need to defend against criminal bombers by means other than placing restrictions on bomb making materials. Just like gun control, recreation drug control, and alcohol control, bomb control at the manufacturing level is an exercise in futility.