Another case of government creating criminals

The following article was actually the motivation to write my post last night, How government creates crime. From New Zealand:

Green Party MP Keith Locke has called for greater controls on the owners of military style weapons, in the wake of the Police seizure of hundreds of military style weapons during raids on 55 gun collectors and dealers.

“When even the Police express surprise at the extent of the seizures, this indicates serious flaws exist within the gun control system they administer,” Mr Locke says.

“The raids are very welcome, and hopefully indicate a fresh determination by Police to tackle this problem. The Police vetting system has become far too loose, and it has become too easy to register and trade as a ‘collector.’

“The profits possible from on-selling these weapons are clearly proving too much for some of these registered gun collectors to resist.

“While one can sympathise with genuine collectors, it is not acceptable that the ‘collectors’ market is being used as a cover for a black market trade in guns, some of which ultimately end up in the hands of gangs and criminals.

“The initial looseness in the control system is that gun owners must be registered, but not their guns. In future, guns need to be registered.”

Who are the victims in the “crime” mentioned above? If you said the gun collectors and dealers you are correct. They engaged in victimless crimes. Any further restrictions, as suggested above, on the free market will only create still more “criminals” and victims.