Not quite ready for a polite society

If you didn’t already figure it out from the Danish cartoon incident and about 100 other examples the incident with the Pope should give you some more guidance. Here is another article:

A hardline cleric linked to Somalia’s powerful Islamist movement to call for Muslims to “hunt down” and kill the pope, while an armed Iraqi group threatened to carry out attacks against Rome and the Vatican.

Gunmen shot and killed an elderly Italian nun Sunday at a children’s hospital in the Islamist-controlled Somali capital of Mogadishu, in what Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi denounced as a “horrible act.

And a third day of attacks on Christian places of worship in the Palestinain territories saw unknown assailants throw Molotov cocktails and a burning tire at two Catholic churches in the northern West Bank.

I especially love this observation:

…the former “moderate” Iranian president criticized the Pope, stating that it is strange to observe how ignorant Benedict is about Islam, a faith of tolerance and humanity.

I think their tolerance and humanity needs a bit more work before they are ready to introduce to polite society. Is there a charm school that would accept them?


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  1. “Is there a charm school that would accept them?”

    The UltiMAK school of charm. Its a one-day course. Students downrange. Attitude adjustment comes really fast.

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