Boomershoot 2007 will be April 29th

I have set the dates to be be the last weekend in April but the survey showed that enough people were interested in reserved positions that I want to implement that before accepting the entries.

The price will remain the same as last year. There were only a few in the survey that disagreed with the statement that the price was reasonable and one that strongly disagreed with the statement. But this last guy said he thought the price should be $4000/person so it sort of balances out.

The Precision Rifle Clinic will be April 27th and 28th.

The hotel package option isn’t going to happen this year. Too much work for me to do at this time. Maybe next year. The survey did show some interest in that. So you can go ahead and make your hotel reservations if you want. Suggestions are here.


3 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2007 will be April 29th

  1. $100 for the first person in a shooting position. $55 for the second person and $45 for the third.

    I’ll get the entry form with all the details set up in a few days.

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