Culvert for Taj Mahal access

Saturday I put in a culvert for easier access to the Boomershoot explosives magazine Ry named the Taj Mahal. This will make it easier for Boomershoot helpers (who are ATF approved explosives handlers) to get to the explosives magazine. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally made it happen. It was either that or get snorkel kits for their 4x4s. More pictures are here.

While I was in the neighborhood I talked to our neighbors just across the road from the Boomershoot site. I want to help them get high speed Internet access (currently they are just on dial-up) and then making the entire Boomershoot site a WiFi hot-spot. They seemed quite agreeable to it and I’ll probably work on that enhancement early next spring. It depends somewhat on the survey of Boomershooters and potential Boomershooters I’ll be doing this week (sometime tonight I’ll be posting the survey link here and sending out emails). If no one is interested then I might not bother with the hassle and expense.

Boomershoot–It’s not just one weekend a year, it’s a year around commitment.