Anyplace for dinner is fine

When someone tells me “anyplace is fine” when we are trying to decide where to go for a meal I frequently tell them “Sankt Gertruds Kloster“. When they ask where it’s at and for directions I tell them it’s in Copenhagen, Denmark. They then get this confused look on their face (or a frown as in this case). You shouldn’t tell me anyplace is fine. If you don’t mean what you say or say what you mean I’m likely to expose to you your inability to communicate accurately and amuse myself in the process.

Regardless, my boss and his wife are really into fine restaurants as well as travel. I suggested this unique restaurant in Copenhagen for his benefit. I’m not sure I would travel all the way from the Pacific Northwest just for dinner but if I were spending time in the area anyway I would be sure to go back again.

I was there in ’79 so I’m sure things have changed some. But my impression from the website and a few of the other hits I got looking for it is that it is still a very nice place to visit.