Ry and I have often spent hours talking until the sun rose on the “solving of the worlds problems”. Our conclusions have sometimes been uncomfortable and things we don’t really share in public. My “feed them to the hogs” approach is an extrapolation of some of those conclusions. My suggestion that Israel needs to do some very distasteful work now is also an extrapolation of those conclusions.

Kevin has elaborated, quoting numerous books and people, on how this is the American way. Along the way he explains why my wife, Barbara Scott, without hesitation and somewhat to my surprise supports the “feed them to the hogs” approach. My wife’s last name and her heritage is a significant part of that explanation. He also echos other private discussions I have had where we concluded that it would take another 9-11 type hit on our home soil before we would obtain the resolve to do what we need to do and that when that happens we will do what needs to be done no matter how distasteful a job it is.

Thank you Kevin.


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