Awesome understatement

Ry says awesome.  That is an understatement.  Among the usual things to wonder about in this video I wonder about the air density.  How did he know it would be safe at that altitude?  The glide ratio is going to be severely affected compared to doing the same stunt at sea level.


3 thoughts on “Awesome understatement

  1. Two things about air density.

    1) It looks pretty cold – this is in his favor. It is warm/hot air at altitude that is the real bugaboo.

    2) The chopper that dropped him off had to know its lift capacity (more than a fixed wing aircraft) so he probablly had good data from that source.

    About daredevil density? I think it is an outright daft thing to do, but yup it IS awesome and thensome.


  2. Two skydivers tried to do a close pass by the Royal Gorge bridge here in Colorado a couple of years ago. One of them managed to hit the bridge with his head while flying past. Dashed his brains out and he landed in the river a thousand feet below.

  3. That really was awesome – but if he REALLY had a set of cojones, he’d dispense with the parachute and just come in for a belly landing on a steep slope! 🙂

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