Are they afraid of their own shadow too?

England afraid to fly its own flag:

Following warnings by extremist Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, in which the group said that the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the ‘blood thirsty crusaders’ and the occupation of Muslims, some of the largest companies in England have ordered their workers not to wave the flags.

The flag has recently appeared in England on everything from bikinis to cars, and sold in endless versions in stores.

But the Islamic protest forced some corporations, such as cable companies NTL, and even the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency to ban the flag in every form due to fears from reactions of Muslims.

The Sun tabloid newspaper has in recent days launched a campaign to bring back the flag, and has published a blacklist of companies preventing their workers from expressing their patriotism at work.

The Sun said that a large pub network has banned drinkers from entering with symbols of the national team.

The hero of the day is a two year-old toddler, who was thrown out with his parents from Leicester, because he wore the England team’s uniform.

Blood thirsty?  I keep thinking of the  British aid worker Marget Hassan, director of CARE international who was killed by Muslim extremists in Iraq.  I keep thinking of the slaughter houses they found where the Muslim extremists made videos as they beheaded people.  Muslims have no high moral ground when it comes to “blood thirst”. 

The people of England need to grow a spine.

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  1. I’d be inclined to laugh my ass (bum) off at the Britts, but for the fact that we have a contingent of similar nut bags born and bred here in the states.

    What’s the twelve-step program for dealing with them– for relegating them to the woodwork of society where they belong?

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