Boomershoot 2006

Boomershoot 2006 was the best ever.  No doubt about it.  I’m way too tired to say everything I want to about it now but here are some links to what the Spokesmans Review (a Spokane area paper) had to say about it:

The high point of the event for me was seeing 17 year-old Sara Young (Xenia’s friend and one of the workers for Boomershoot) detonate a 700 yard boomer on her first shot.  Of course she was using the rifle of one the Precision Rifle Clinic’s Instructors and had some expert coaching from him, but it was still quite a thrill for both Sara and I.

2 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2006

  1. Just one note on Anvil Launch safety ….

    You need to dig a larger hole, and bury the charge in the bottom of that hole.

    When you launch an Anvil, there is a small chance that one of the four corners of the base will break off, and go flying. They tend to fly sideways, and parallel to the ground. Spectators have been hit in the past by these chunks … it’s very rare, but it does happen.

    If the base of the anvil in sitting in a larger 6″ deep hole, any bits flying off the Anvil will embed themselves there.

  2. It was in a slight hole but not deep enough. The base has similar sort of problems. Thanks for the suggestion on the remedy.

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