The Microsoft solution

Ry tells us of the solution that you just know is the Microsoft way.  The City of Redmond, in their infinite wisdom and oneness with Mother Earth, has declared that when new office buildings are built that only 70 parking spaces may be created for every 100 offices.  This is to encourage car pooling, public transit, and bicycles instead of the evil, single passenger, internal combustion engine.  The Microsoft solution?  Valet parking for their employees.  The parking garage physically has enough space for the cars if the lanes between the parking spaces are utilized as well as the parking spaces.  The valet service parks the cars wherever there is empty space and shuffles the cars as necessary to allow people in and out of the parking spots.  Of course it is a waste of resources to pay all these people to just shuffle cars when the people driving the cars would have been happy to do it themselves.  But the City of Redmond made that a necessity and simultaneously made themselves looks like fools–which they are.  Yeah for Microsoft–demonstrating the law of Unintended Consequences to the pinheads in the City of Redmond government.

Now if Ry’s wish is granted and Microsoft builds a facility in Orofino Idaho I’d be really thrilled.

1 thought on “The Microsoft solution

  1. What the Redmond city officials are saying is, “Don’t start a business in Redmond, ’cause if you do we’re gonna turn it into our own personal social experiment”.

    If you already have a business established in Redmond, the question becomes; At what point does the cost of staying in Redmond (or Washington Sate at large for that matter) equal or exceed the cost of relocating and operating for the next x years in another state?

    One can never know of course, but it is interesting to ponder another question. How many businesses, large and small, never started, or closed before they got fully established, due to these and the thousands of other restrictions and requirements. I can say with confidence that; a) the number is far from small, and b) a good many leftists are happy about that.

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