Boomershoot status and blogging part V

46 positions have been filled. There are 14 positions remaining. But I also know of several entries that are “in the mail”. If I have not acknowledged your entry yet and you sent it before March 10th please let me know. I think I am all caught up now but it’s possible I have an entry laying around someplace that I didn’t find on my first pass through the stack of papers on my desk.

I’m asking everyone that will be shooting a .50 BMG to let me know in the next few days.  Even if you have already told me before I would like another email.  I need to allocate spaces much more carefully this year and I need to make sure there is enough room for the .50 Caliber guys.

You probably haven’t noticed but the Boomershoot website is now on a very high bandwidth ‘pipe’.  Videos, sound, and pictures should load much faster than before.  Downloading Boomershoot History 2004 (~140 MBytes) is almost reasonable under certain circumstances.

Things still on my list of things to do:

  • Buy a box of large plastic gloves for mixing the chemicals
  • Buy the cardboard boxes for the target containers
  • Figure out how many .50 BMG shooters I can handle
  • Chose a winner for the t-shirt slogan
  • Create the t-shirt images for Boomershoot 2006

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3 thoughts on “Boomershoot status and blogging part V

  1. Well, so far, I simply can’t attend.

    Money’s tight and I’ve been looking for a new job (while avoiding a return to the hell of law firms). The one I was holding out for, that seemed a sure thing, rejected me for reasons that are so far unclear (but have already caused a number of folks who weighed in on my behalf to raise hell, much thanks to them).

    Got word on Monday that it fell through, by Wednesday I had 3 7 new prospects lined up (when it rains, it pours it seems) and have 3 interviews scheduled for next week. If I land a new job within the next 2 weeks I can probably make it, otherwise, I’ll have to defer to next year.

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