Cartoonists should be executed

A leader in the religion of peace has a solution to the riots and protests over the cartoons that upset the extremist Muslims–execute the cartoonists:

Speaking from Beirut, Omar Bakri Mohammad, leader of the Islamist group al Muhajiroon which is banned in Britain, called for the execution of those involved with the cartoons.

“In Islam, God said, and the messenger Mohammad said, whoever insults a prophet, he must be punished and executed,” he told BBC radio by telephone.

But there are some voices of restraint and I hope they get their share of attention as well:

Moderate Moslem groups as well as Western leaders condemned the weekend violence and calls to arms and called for calm.

“With growing concern, we are witnessing the escalation in disturbing tensions…,” the prime ministers of Turkey and Spain said in the International Herald Tribune.

“We shall all be the losers if we fail to immediately defuse this situation, which can only leave a trail of mistrust and misunderstanding between both sides in its wake,” Tayyip Erdogan and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said in the joint article.

H/T Michelle Malkin for the pointer to the Reuters article.