In September Danish and Norwegian newspapers published a cartoon with the Prophet Mohammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb.  It raised the ire of the Muslim extremists to such an extent that some are now calling for a goods boycott and are threatening all Danes and Norwegians with physical violence:

The Danish Foreign Ministry warned against non-crucial travel to Saudi Arabia and urged Danes to be cautious in other Muslim countries such as Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories.

“In the current situation where the drawings of the Prophet Mohammad have caused strong negative reactions among Muslims, Danes who choose to stay in Saudi Arabia should show extraordinarily high watchfulness,” it added on its Web site.

The Danish Red Cross said it had pulled two employees out of Gaza and one from Yemen.

Ten Palestinians armed with assault rifles and grenade launchers rallied outside the European Union headquarters in Gaza City and fired in the air, demanding an apology and saying Danes and Norwegians there would be at risk of attack.

Thousands of protesters in the West Bank town of Qalqilya marched through the streets, demanding an apology and burning Denmark’s flag, a white cross on a red background.

Militant groups linked to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction issued a statement saying, “We call upon all Danish citizens in (Palestine) to leave immediately.”

Hamas, the militant Islamic group which won Palestinian elections last week, urged Islamic countries to take “deterrent steps against idiotic Danish behavior”.

“We call on Muslim nations to boycott all Danish products because the Danish people supported the hateful racism under the pretext of freedom of expression,” it said in a statement.

Egypt is also considering recalling its Copenhagen envoy, Danish media quoted Egypt’s ambassador for saying.

So what would be the result if all people reacted this way if some media outlets protrayed a political or religious leaders in an unfavorable light?  We would have had a major rift with Germany in the mid 90s:

german-fp.jpg (47727 bytes)
This photo was taken at a German carnival in Cologne, Germany.

And that’s just the beginning.  This sort of thinking and behavior is destructive to civilized society.  Intolerance of this magnitude cannot be tolerated (forgive the irony).  We must destroy this extremist culture.


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  1. “How dare you infidels accuse us of being violent! We keel you. We keel you all!”

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