What do you expect? They have mental problems

From CBC News on the Canadian gun registry program:

Bill C-68, the strictest gun control legislation in Canadian history, receives Senate approval. It calls for harsher penalties for crimes involving the use of guns, creates the Firearms Act and also requires gun owners to be licensed and registered. At the time, the government says the registry would cost about $119 million, but the revenue generated by registration fees would mean taxpayers would only be on the hook for $2 million.

Feb. 13, 2004
Documents obtained by Zone Libre of CBC’s French news service suggest that the gun registry has cost $2 billion so far.

May 20, 2004
The Liberal government, just days before an expected election call, eliminates fees for registering and transferring firearms. Ottawa will also limit its spending on the gun registry to $25 million a year, spending which has averaged $33 million a year and reached as high as $48 million. Licensing of gun owners and firearms will continue.

June 2005
In the 2004 Report of the Commissioner of Firearms on the
administration of the Firearms Act, the Canada Firearms Centre estimates that the cost of running the registry for the year ending Dec. 31, 2004 was less than $100 million. The report says costs are continuing their downward trend and should fall to approximately $85 million beginning in fiscal 2005-2006.

You don’t need an accounting or psychology degree to figure out these anti-gun people have mental problems. Estimated to cost $2 million and it then comes in at 1000 times more at $2 BILLION. The Liberal government says spending on the gun registry has never been more than $48 million per year. This is AFTER it has been revealed in the previous nine years they have spent $2 billion–meaning that on the average they have spent over $222 million per year.

With that $2 billion they could have funded 1000 more cops or better yet it could have purchased guns and training for 2 million at risk people–such as the 14 women who were killed in Montreal in 1989 when they didn’t have gun to defend themselves with and woman hating Muslim extremist Gamil Gharbi started shooting them.  It was that incident that initiated the push for the gun registry.  Instead of taking the appropriate, time proven, path of providing a means for people to defend themselves they let their bigotry and mental disorders cloud their thinking.  At last report the gun registry, at a cost of $2 billion, has only been credited with solving one crime.  So what do the Liberals conclude is the correct answer?  Why of course!  It’s more gun control.  There is no need to have them answer Just One Question.  All you need is a body temperature I.Q. to come to the correct conclusion on these mental defects called Liberals.