This is what happens in places without guns–Case VI

From Alberta Canada:

RCMP in Alberta have admitted they made a mistake in failing to respond to a 911 call made by a woman who was later found murdered in her home.

Brenda Moreside, 44, was found stabbed to death last February in her home in High Prairie, Alta., nearly 300 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

The night she was killed, she called 911, complaining that her common-law husband was drunk and trying to break into her house.

She was told by police that they couldn’t come because the man was breaking into his own residence and damaging his own property. Moreside was found dead in the doorway of her home 12 days later.

“The lack of attendance in this particular case was clearly an error,” Supt. Marty Cheliak told a news conference in Edmonton Thursday.

Technically, she could have had a gun.  The problem is that the Canadian government has made it difficult, complicated, and time consuming.  “Just dial 911! It’s the government’s job to take care of your needs.”  It is possible that there was a gun in the house and he knew she didn’t have a clue as to how to use it.  Which is the reason my kids all took the NRA Personal Protection class.  If you really need to use a gun you need to use it NOW! So, the husband knew it was very unlikely she had a gun or that she didn’t know how to use any gun that might have been present.

In any case this Neanderthal knew he could break in and kill her without concern of having his attitude forcibly adjusted by small pieces of metal traversing his brain at Mach 2.5–which reminds me of a Greg Hamilton quote.