No long commute this weekend

Working 300 miles from home is a drag.  Incredibly depressing at times and always lonely.  Then there is the five hour drive home on Friday night and the five hour drive back to the Seattle area on Sunday afternoon.  But this weekend Barb was able to get Thursday and Friday off.  So she showed up about 16:00 on Thursday and made life so much more pleasant.  I got an extra night and day with her.  And we had access to the treats of the Seattle area.  So we saw a movie (The Family Stone), went to some nice restaurants (there is this great Japanese buffet in Redmond Town Square), and visited with a friend Barb hasn’t seen in about ten years.  Most of the time however was just spent in bed.  No kids, only very minimal chores to do and so we could just focus on each other.  Very nice.


2 thoughts on “No long commute this weekend

  1. Joe – Did you ever think about getting a pilots license? Might make the trip faster and more fun… One of the guys that works for me lived in Portland up until recently and flew himself there and back from Redmond every weekend…


  2. Yes. I have considered it. I even took a short demo flight in the course of evaluating getting a pilots license. Their are two problems. One is getting over the Cascades in the winter time is a bit hazardous and I couldn’t depend on getting back to work on Monday reliably. And two is that renting a plane for the trip is more expensive than driving in my car. Buying a plane didn’t really make sense either. So, assuming my time is worth nothing, driving is the best of those two options. Commerical flight used to be a good deal at about $125 round trip. Now it is about $240 round trip. Again, driving is the better option ($40 of gas).

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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