Anti-gun makes you anti-woman as well

It’s a little bit subtle but once you think about it and look at the numbers it’s hard to come up with any other conclusion.  Howard Nemerov didn’t spell it out quite like my posting title but that is what jumped out of his posting at me.  If you are for the restriction of self defense tools that compensate for the physical advantage men, on the average, have over women then the unintended consequence is that you increase the violence against women.  I found these numbers particularily disturbing: 

Rape Rate Trends 1995–2003 (per 100,000 pop.)




% Change





United Kingdom




United States




In the time period under consideration above Australia and the UK both implemented extremely repressive firearm laws.  The U.S. made it easier for people to carry the tools necessary to defend yourself from violent attacks.

His final word is a little over the top, but it’s a thought that certainly comes to mind:

Is “Burka-ed and pregnant” next on the gun-ban agenda?

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