7 thoughts on “Idaho dissed

  1. I have maybe the opposite to say about Idaho drivers. I’m embarrassed to admit that when I drove up to Boomershoot from Boise I was following standard California driving practices (80mph in a 65 zone, and 10-20mph generally faster than posted limits). NOT ONCE did I see ANYONE else speeding. And of course I got ticketed in Riggins on the way back.

    It’s whether or not we obey the law when no one’s watching that counts the most, so a state without speeders is pretty impressive, in my book.

  2. Yeah. We notice the out of state drivers when they show up here. And because of the blatant disregard for speed limits I find it very annoying when I drive in California (spit, spit). My wife is tired of hearing me complain, “I’m going 62 in a 60 MPH zone and these guys are passing me!” I may be annoyed to extreme ends by many (most?) laws but I almost always obey them. That adherence to rules did me no good at PNNL and at times I think my self a chump for doing so. Although I do get a fair amount of satisfaction out of seeing someone get a ticket after they passed me.

  3. Fuck him. My drive north through the center of the state was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever taken. I almost drove into a river several times because I was in awe of the surroundings.

    More than that, if you don’t like Idaho, why don’t you move your ass to Europe.

  4. I noticed that the writer also goes after New Hampshire. Good. The people that would agree with this rant are the type of people we don’t want up here, i.e. city dwellers and probable gun banners. We need to spread the idea that life in New Hampshire, Idaho and other free states is boring and that they would like it alot better if they stayed in their cities.

  5. Ben, when you come up next spring take turns driving with your dad so you each can concentrate on the appropriate task–admiring the view or driving.

    Sam, you are absolutely right. Guns and explosives are just one way I try to attract the right people and ward off the others.

  6. I had thought Bavaria was the most beautiful place I’d been to until I drove through Idaho. Next time, instead of stopping every 2 minutes (literally!) to take pictures, I’ll just slow down and enjoy the scenery.

  7. David, if the visitors to this site weren’t mostly people I would like having as neighbors I would delete your comment. Watch what you say about Idaho. Particularily when you are talking to people in California.


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