Hunting a white-tail

On Monday I bought my hunting license and a tag for a white-tailed deer.  This will be the first time I go hunting.  I never really had an interest and in some ways I still don’t.  I harvested a deer a couple years ago–while driving Barb’s Jeep.  The meat was very lean and quite good.  There was no gamy taste as the deer was grain feed off of the local crops.  But Barb, for some reason, can’t stand the smell of even the meat cooking in the house when she is there.  Kim and James (my two oldest kids) liked it though.  Xenia, being a vegetarian, has no interest.

A good part of the reason I got the license and tag is because they are so plentiful on the farm they are pests.  They destroy the crops.  Helping my brother to thin the herd a little bit will help him out.  It looks like I will have more time this year so I can hunt during week days and not just weekends.  If I get something I’ll be giving a good portion of the meat to my two oldest kids.  Hunting season opens October 10th.

2 thoughts on “Hunting a white-tail

  1. Yeah, meat is gross.

    Maybe your excess deer meat could be directed toward reducing the Federal budget. . . recycle pest deer into food for the needy, welfare-dependent families.

    Just an idea.

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