Quick update

Last week I ordered some new boxes for possible use as reactive target containers for Boomershoot 2006.  They arrived today.  This year there were some indications the targets were failing to detonate because of they were very thin (some of them were only one inch thick).  The new ones have inside dimensions of 6″ x 6″ x 3″.  I’ll be doing some tests soon.  Perhaps this week sometime.  Or if I get an email from someone that wants to help out I might do the tests on an upcoming weekend if that would work out better for someone.

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out enough of the garage to make a path to my reloading bench and finding enough of my stuff to reload some 40 S&W ammo.  I reloaded about 50 rounds yesterday and 400 today.  There is an IPSC match next Sunday and I needed some ammo.

I’m expecting I will have some bad news to report soon.  I can’t really talk about it until it shows up in the papers.  I’ve been depressed enough lately and this only makes things worse.  I really should go make some explosives and detonate it at both “entertainingly close” and long range just to get me out of my depression.

1 thought on “Quick update

  1. I hope you will not have that bad news.

    I also hope that you will have the Targets all buttoned up before the Precision Rifle Clinic so that you can enjoy things a bit more…


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