Quote of the day–Dianna Melrose

The G8 must take responsibility for weapons that are produced in their countries. We need the G8 to agree to comprehensive controls over all aspects of small arms proliferation — both the legal and illegal supply… 84 percent of those killed in wars since 1990 have been civilians.

Dianna Melrose of the Oxfam
speaking at a press conference on the G-8 summit.
From an article, “UK Aid Agencies Call on G8 to Control Arms Trade,”
Reuters, 13 May 1998.
From: http://www.prepcom.org/low/pc7/index.html#oxfam as of 01/07/99

[Ms. Melrose fails to realize that when civilians have effective means of protecting themselves there has never been a genocide.  It’s when government has a monopoly on small arms that the most civilians are killed.

The link above is dead.  But do a google search for {prepcom small arms}to find similar information on this same topic.  In the late 90’s gun ownership rights were under extreme pressure from all directions including international pressure on the U.S.]