2 thoughts on “Required reading for bloggers

  1. That is exactly why I do not mention anything related to work. Plus who really cares what I do for a living…

  2. When firearms/explosives are your hobbies, you could say nothing about your day-work and still have your recreational activities used against you by your employer.

    I know someone who has been involved with firearms/explosives for recreational fun. Though the person _never_ mentioned anything related to work (in association w/ their hobbies), this person’s employer used the individual’s recreational activities/non-mainstream viewpoints against the employee. They did this by fetching this person’s firearms/explosives work from the net.

    Again, this person was just like you, Kirk. This person said _nothing_ related to work.

    Though there have been some improvements over the past years (i.e., NBC TV’s Boomershoot feature last week), overall, Second Amendment supporters, atheists, gays/people with non-mainstream lifestyles, etc. are still considered to be. . . unacceptable.

    Sad state of affairs in the year 2005.

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