Albuquerque with reasonablenuts Ben and William

The trip from Pasco to Albuquerque was pleasant enough considering all the violations of my 4th Amendment rights in the process.  Ben and William met me at the range and I put 50 to 60 round down range with my Microsoft Gun Club Object Embedding Tool (a special edition Olympic Arms PCR-1).  AKA an AR-15.  We are at about 5000 ft above sea level here and the setting on my scope for 500 meters is about right for 650 yards.  The wind was just about head on and even with the 50 grain bullets I didn’t have to compensate for the wind but the tiniest bit.  I was shooting at a steel plate that was about 18 inches square and once I got on target I could hit it every time.   It was a bit boring so I started practicing shooting faster.  Could I get off two accurate shots before the sound from the first one came back?  Just barely.  Cool!

I shot Williams Garand too.  I’ve never had my hands on one before.  Odd that it kept shooting low for me.  The first shot was close and thereafter even though I kept raising the point of aim it would hit way too low.  I must have been flinching or something.  Very odd.

Ben and William took me out to dinner afterwards and we talked about guns, Henry, and Boomershoot.