Hypocrites for gun control

Is it just my bias? Or are the anti-gun people just naturally hypocrites? Anti-freedom advocate Michael Moore isn’t the first to hire an armed bodyguard. Senator Diane Feinstein has (or at least had) a handgun carry permit, Rosie O’Donnell has (or at least had) a bodyguard for her son who was licensed to carry a gun. Ted Kennedy has armed bodyguards (with submachine guns the last I hear). Chicago’s Mayor Daley has armed bodyguards. Chicago city council members voted to exempt themselves from the city’s gun restrictions and numerous members carry their own guns. Sarah Brady gave her son a hunting rifle as a Christmas gift. And that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

You would think their followers would get a clue. Can you imagine the outrage if it was discovered the Pope had a girlfriend and was on the pill? Or how about if President Bush’s daughters had abortions? Or the party that is an advocate for the little guy in America and campaign finance reform accepted tens of millions of dollars of political aid from some rich foreigner? Oh, sorry on that last example, that was the same set of people advocating gun control for everyone but themselves.

Update: There are apparently several errors in the report on Moore.  But he has hired armed guards so my comments stand.