Another new Boomershooter is buying a rifle

As some of you might have guessed I watch the log file on pretty close.  This afternoon saw a few hits coming in from a forum I had never heard of:

I went to check it out and found that someone is planning to attend Boomershoot 2005 but doesn’t have the right rifle for it yet.  That deficiency is in the process of being remedied:

Okay, heres the deal. I have been invited to the Boomer Shoot in Idaho this April. The big problem is that I do not have a 30 cal. heavy barrel rifle. My brother has offered to loan me his for my turn at the shoot but that is not going to fly for me.
My research has told me that for new rifles Remington costs the most ($932)followed by in order of price:
Winchester – $734
Savage – $675
Charles Daily barreled action – $409 + about $80 for a stock

I have not been to the local GS looking for a nice used rifle. My goal here is to avoid paying for the rifle by selling one that I already have.
Anybody have any ideas or opinions?

This so cool!  All these people from all over the country (this guy lists his location as PRK, which I presume is California) are buying rifles specifically designed to hit small objects many hundreds of yards away and I gave them the incentive to do that.  And Ry has enticed 127 hits on from the forums on so far this month (just four days).

I feel tingly all over and it’s not just from the unhappiness I know it would cause the Senators from NY and CA if they knew what we are doing.  Molon Labe you jerks!


9 thoughts on “Another new Boomershooter is buying a rifle

  1. What, no happy dance???

    You also got me building a rifle…

    My own states senator critter Mikulski is already cringing… She looked so unhappy when the interim president of Iraq spoke in the capitol. She made the most troll like grimace when he passed her, bitter old bat.

  2. People complain when I try to sing or dance. I tend not to do that anymore. Dancing isn’t something I do for pleasure.

  3. Joe,

    Falfiles is a great forum, I’ve been a participant there for a couple of years now. It was there that I acquired the knowledge to assemble several FN-FALs from various parts kits acquired when the price was right.

    There are also several decent forums on DIY AK building, and a great website for “garage gunsmithing” at


  4. I’m another FalFiler who discovered your incredible event via that thread. I am in process of making plans to attend your 2005 BoomerShoot with at least one of my sons. We both own Remington 700 VSSF rifles in .223 and are concerned that they may not pack enough punch. Your thoughts?


  5. Your bullets need to have at least 1500 fps at the target (more is better). The closest targets are 475 yards away. The most distant ones are 700 yards. Depending on the bullets, powders, barrel length, etc. you could be fine out to 700 yards (Berger VLD 70 grain bullets with a MV of 2950) or you could be in trouble at 475 yards(50 grain V-Max bullet with a MV of 3000 fps).

  6. I am the person that originated the thread above on the FALFiles. I feel kinda odd having myself mentioned in a forum I have never been to before.

    I will pick up my new rifle soon. Then of course the scope needs to be put on and the rifle sighted in before any serious shooting can happen.

  7. Good luck on your new rifle. I know how worrisome it is to have a new, untested rifle just before you really need.

    I see that I posted something in error earlier. I said the closest targets were 475 yards away. That is wrong. They are 375 yards away. Brain fart on my part. Sorry about that.

  8. It depends on where you are on the firing line and what part of the target area you are measuring to. The berm itself from the closest firing line point is right at 380 yards. See for documentation. Since some of the targets are placed a few yards from the berm there are some targets that are as close as 375 yards from some shooters.

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