Airport ‘security’ boondoogle II

I’ve posted before about airport screening and wrote a fairly detailed essay on how airport screening is a complete and total waste of time and money.  Now Michelle Malkin reveals the Air Marshal program is a disaster too.  Here is a short snippet from a former Marshal that wrote her:

The entire mission is a complete failure and the American traveling public is as ineffectively protected as they were before 9-11. The end result has been a 3.7 billion dollar boondoggle which has only extended the government careers of the top managers and to ensure that their pensions have been padded another $1000 dollars a month for life.

It is my belief that the Air Marshall program could be useful.  However Director Thomas Quinn, as reported by Malkin, apparently has a severe case of cranial rectum inversion.  If Quinn and his cronies can’t be dumped and decent management put in place then it’s time to try my option #8 and get rid of the entire FAM program for domestic flights (option #8 isn’t feasible for international flights).