Scotland ready to ban knives

I just have to laugh at these people

NEW laws banning high street shops from selling assault knives, machetes and other weapons could be introduced by the end of next year.
Sales of replica guns will also be banned because they can be converted into useable firearms.
First Minister Jack McConnell has been in talks with chief constables on how to combat the rising level of knife crime, which is at its highest level for 10 years.
There will also be tougher sentencing powers for knife assaults, and a proposal to give police random stop and search powers is being considered.
The age at which young people can buy household knives and axes may also rise from 16 to 18.

You can’t successfully ban something which has a market and especially if it can be made in nearly every home.  Have you seen any success in banning pot?  And how about banning firearms in the UK?  Has that been successful? Knives are far easier to build in your home than firearms yet these jokers think this is going to accomplish something other than make them a laughing stock.

And the only ‘benefit’ of the ‘random’ stop and search powers will be that of taking another step closer to becoming a police state.


One thought on “Scotland ready to ban knives

  1. Gosh, Joe. It doesn’t look like they are banning ALL knives. Just those wicked assault knives! Why would anybody need one of those? They were only made for killing people. They serve no sporting purpose.

    But then, if banning those doesn’t work, I could see expanding the ban to ‘precision’ or ‘sniper’ knives. After all, if you just need to cut up a loaf of bread, you really don’t need a sniper knife. It might cause a bit of inconvenience for brain and neuro-surgeons, but it’s all for the children, isn’t it?

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